Friday, October 15, 2010

How Effective is your Identification of Gifted?

The end of the year is looming and will be upon us before we know where we are.  I'd like to highlight the value of taking time before teachers disappear for the holidays to review your current list of identified gifted and talented (or your Talent Pool list, as some schools call it).  Teachers are well-placed now to have seen talent emerging throughout the year, and taking the time as a school to review 'who' and in what area is invaluable for setting up for a strong beginning for 2011. An hour spent with all teachers reviewing their students using this tool is an hour really well spent.  I recommend that after individual teachers have completed the checklist, departments then collate their lists and hand in to the gifted education coordinator for overall coordination.

If you are interested in using a free effective, "teacher-friendly" identification tool you can log onto my  resources webpage and download my Teacher Identification Checklist (free).  Sonia's Gifted Education Resources Page If teachers already have an existing Talent pool list, then your request of them is "who is missing that is now showing high potential or beginning to perform highly in my subject area / classroom?"

All teachers are teachers of gifted!  Check you are identifying potential as well as high achievers, and that there isn't an imbalance of gender, and ethnicities, minority groups, and those with physical and learning disabilities have not been ignored! (Lots more about this in my upcoming book!)

Time spent on this before the end of the school year, is time really well spent!

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