Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot off the Press! Opportunity for Teachers of Early Childhood Gifted (Aged 0 -8 years)

Another wonderful opportunity courtesy of GiftEDnz and the Todd Foundation for those of you who are teachers of Early Childhood and/or Years 1 -3 in New Zealand.

"...An initial opportunity being promoted by giftEDnz Early Years is a series of networking workshops...

"These 4-8pm workshops, including dinner, are free to giftEDnz members. They will be offered to 5 interested candidates in each of the following cities:
  • Christchurch, University of Canterbury College of Education, 12th November
  • Palmerston North, Massey University College of Education, 12th November
  • Wellington, Massey University, 26th November
  • Auckland, Massey University Albany, 26th November
"The purpose of each session is to share examples of good practice in the 'early years' and to explore possibilities of resource development through publishing learning stories and case studies. Contact Deb Clark on for further information, or  complete the form on the following link before November 1st."   

It is exciting to see ventures on behalf of gifted beginning to take on a life of their own in spite of  lack of any substantial support from our current Government. Do put your application in if this is your area of passion /age group.  (You need to join giftEDnz if you haven't already).  giftEDnz

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